Amsterdam Travel Notes


Canals of Amsterdam are famous.  The canals make you feel different when you see first time, but after, you are getting used  to them. All of them are beautiful, you shouldn’t return without taking photo.

Also everybody use bicycle in Amsterdam; when i saw, i shocked. There are more bicycle than car in here and people go work by bicycle. You can see the men with suit, women who wear skirt-jacket on the bicycle. Also they always cycle; cold or hot days they don’t mind. There are lots of bicycles for woman with child in city. They have seat in front of bicycle for child can seat. So bicycle is basic transportation vehicle in here. Although there are a lot of bicycle, still there are a lot of cars and they cause to traffic. Also you should be careful; people who using bicycle are top priority in here. Some of people are using furiously. If you hire bicycle, you can hire in local centre and you can use for one day (24 hour).

First time you can see Dam Square. After you can go to New Church and St. Nicolas Church. If you want to see tulips, you can go to Bloenmarket (Flowers market), also Amsterdam is famous with its tulips. When you arrive to bloenmarket you should buy tulips. Flowers market is near the river and there are a lot of wood cottage. It is not large but they have a lot of kinds.

There are a lot of cheese shops across the flower markets. If you want to taste little cheese, you can eat in here. And there are a lot of gift shops in here. There are everythings; tshirts, cup, mugs, keyholders, magnets.. etc. You can find everything.


If you want to go to park, you can go to Vondelpark. We liked this park. It is very big and it has a lake, a lot of trees. After you walk, you can rest in here.


Famous iamsterdam is in front of Rijkmuseum. And there is a ice rink in front of i Amsterdam. We preferred ice rink instead Rijckmuseum. If you want to go to museum, you can go to Diamon Museum, Stedeljik Museum, Van Gogh Museum, Rembrant Museum or Amsterdam Museum.


There are a lot of Canal Tour in city. We preferred Blue Boat Company. You can learn history of Amsterdam, canals, how many people live in here?.. etc. when you get boat tour.

(8 canals)

If you want to go shopping, you can go to Magna Plaza Shoping Mall or you can go to Kalverstraat, Damrak, Leidestraat, Nieuwendjik streets.

Maybe you go to Zaance Shans. There are a lot of windmill but we preferred Marken, Edam, Volendam route. Marken and Edam are small villages and pretty, Volendam is island. There are a lot of amazing house in seaside of Volendam. After you can go to gift shops, cheese shops, restaurant, cafes,.. etc.

Where can i eat?

  • Chispy King
  • Febo: it is like buffet. There are a lot of box and there is food inside. If you throw enough money, you can take it. There are sandwiches, burger, chips,.. etc.
  • Hard Rock Cafe
  • Lombardo’s. It is small shop. And it has delicious burgers. IT can be long queue.
  • Dutch Beef Burger
  • Silence of the Lamb