Bournemouth Travel Notes


Bournemouth has  most beautiful beach of England. If you want to come from London there are two choise. If you want, you may choose to go to by train or by bus. If there isn’t traffic, bus and train travel times are nearly same? Actually Bournemouth come to be known as Student city due to it has language schools. If you want to come to language school, you can find its cheaper than language school of London also enjoy the holiday and language school.

            Actully isn’t have a swum at here but we went at the hottest time so i could say we were lucky. We abundantly had swim and sunbath. I hope as much as we, you are lucky.   

            You see pier when you walk to sea from city centre. Around of pier is always very crowded. I think when people see sea, immediately they want to have a swim. If you walk leftward, you can find less crowd place then round of pier. There are hotel at sea side.

The hotels can be booked from booking or airbnb. If you like camping, you can choose to come with your camping tent. If you want to come a day-long, there are colorful cottage along the sea side. You can rent them and when you swimming and sightseeing, you can feel safe your bags. Really its very cute.

            Bournemouth’s beach is famous with white sand. Sands never very hot so you can walk as much as you want? It has a big beach but there are cliffs at over so you can’t go down from everywhere. Cliffs have stairs and walking way. You can watch sea landscape and sunset, turquois and clear of sea from top floor of cliffs. You can choose to enjoy at fun fair and you can watch scenery of sea. After the sunset you should go to the beach and lie to sands and watch stars with sounds of wave. After you can go to the pub.

             I read, people didn’t like Bournemouth from a lot of blog but we liked it and enjoyed. Maybe reason of this is from effect of air temperature. When you make a plan, you scrutunie and you try to go to the Bournemouth at hot air. I think you should go for two days or weekend. 

            My favourite food was ice-cream at here because there is a gelato shop. Its ice-creams are same as Italy ice-cream. Its name is Sprinkles Gelato. You can find with Google maps or foursquare. Two scopes are 3.5 pound. But its two scopes actually four scopes. So they give twofold of your choise. Keep in mind 😉