Galata Tower

When you come Istanbul, you shouldn’t leave without visiting at Galata Tower. Because Galata Tower is most precious building Istanbul. You can go for romantic dinner with boyfriend or girlfriend. Also there is a myth that you get married to the person you went to the Galata Tower fist time. So first time you should go with person you love. T       hat is just a joke. 😀

            It is at Beyoglu and end of the Taksim. People living in Istanbul for many years know that Taksim is fascinating. When it is mentioned they take a stroll down memory lane. Before you out of from tube, you walk with shops at long street. At end of street there is a slope that connecs Karakoy and Taksim. While you go down fromat slope, you can see it at right. It is enjoyable that talking along Istiklal Street and down from Taksim Square to Karakoy.

            The entrance fee charged. There are cafe and restaurant. Cafe is at top floor and there is a restaurant that name is Haveran Restaurant. You can look at the foursquare. You can make rezervations for dinner or breakfast. Prices are normal but it was very expensive before. At the moment the restaurant is bought by metropolitan municipality and prices are converted for using to public.

            There is a long queue in front of Galata Tower but ıf you tell have a rezervation for dinner you can enter. Thus you don’t wait for queue.  

            There are traditional clothes where you get off the elevator. You can take a photo with them and after you can buy.

            There is a saloon at upstairs that this place makes you feel at Ottoman term and smell history thus you feel relax. Later you can go to the your reservation table.

            There are pasta, salads, meats, deserts, Ottoman drinks in menu. You can’t forget its taste. By the way I think you should try different taste. I have a advise for your choose from Ottoman Place Cuisine. Its name is Topkapı Hassa-i Mutancana. There are meat, butter, honey, apricot inside. It has a fascinating taste that melt in the mouth of meat besides aroma of damson and apricot. The food presentation is stunning also your food comes in copper. Copper widely used at Ottoman Term. You can choose Yeniçeri Helvası as desert. Actually this is İrmik Helvası and you may want ice-cream with that. 

            Profiterole with sesame is good but i don’t like this. Because when it comes to profiterole i think fluid chocolatte but it doesn’t have fluid chocolatte instead it has a fluid sesame.

            Waiters gives consequence to clients and they are easy-going.

During dinner city scenery can be watched from windows of restaurant. Bogazici bridge, Halic, Eminonu, Kız Kulesi and a lot of beautiful places of Istanbul can be watched from here.

You can go to the terrace after dinner. Actually when you are at dinner, visitors leaves. Thus there isn’t crowd. You can enjoy the scenery from terrace. Good luck 😉