Greenwich is located in the sout-east of London, where easily accessible from London. If you take a time half day, you can visit Greenwich in detail. When you go to Greenwich, you can step 0 meridian (prime meridian) . Even one of the your feets can step West London, another one can step East London.


Transportation; you can go to by DLR, tube, bus or boat from London. If you download Google Maps’s app, you can write Greenwich to search tool, thus you can find different ways for going to Greenwich. You have learn which stop, which bus, which tube and how long trip time. Also trip is generally 30 minute from London city centre.

Places to visit;

You can go first stop Royal Observatory. Ticket price is 15 pound (2018 september). There is 0 (zero) meridian in Observatory. You can see and take photo 0 (zero) meridian by entering the observatory. There is a red ball, this is time ball. Everyday it fall down in 1 p.m oclock. If you see time ball and 0 meridian, you can enter observatory. We didn’t prefer entering the observatory. I will give a secret that you can see to 0 meridian free way. You can read this after 24 hours gate clock.


24 Hour Stepherd Gate Clock; this is on the obsertavory’s wall.

It is free and it is different from other clocks. It is one of the first clock with electric in the world and built by Charles Stepherd in 1852. And i will tell you how will we see 0 (zero) meridian in a free way. You will see this clock last of Greenwich Park.

There are two path left of the clock. One of the path has a iron gate and it is a narrow. If you go to the narrow ways, you will see 0 (zero) meridian line 20 meter away. Actually this is cont of 0 (zero) meridian. Not only they didn’t make a in ordinatory to line, but also they made line of 0 meridian outside ordinatory. And you will see on the wall: on eline and two way; “West Longitude” and “East Longitude”. Thus you will see 0 meridian in a free way.



National Maritime Museum; you can go to this place as next stop.

Cutty Sark; This is a sailboat on the Thames River. It is built for tea trade with China. Enty fee is 13,5 pound.

Greenwich Park; If you arrived by bus, you will pass inside the Greenwich Park. This park has lots of greenery. There are lots of people. Some people cycling, making picnics, walking with their, running people dog etc. There are cafes inside of park. When you arrive end of park, you can see ordinatory and you will see banks which watching the river view.

Greenwich Market; when you go to the Greenwich city centre, you can see Greenwich market. There are a lot of stand and mess tent. Vintage clothes, furniture, bookshop.. etc.


If you want to eat things, you can go to the Zizzi, Nando’s, Pizza Express and mess tents. We went to Zizzi. This is Italian restaurant. Its pastas and pizzas are very delicious. Enjoy 🙂