Maiden’s Tower (Recommendation for romantic dinner)


If you didn’t come before to Maiden’s Tower you should read it’s history. Maiden’s Tower is one of the most important historical building in Istanbul. The king has built to protect his daughter from snake because a sorcerer said him: “Your daughter will die to 18 years birthday.” When he said, he decided to make this building. It is over small island.

Maiden’s Tower is hosting for romantic dinner. Also it’s still good to think that. I was expecting my receive to a proposal at here. I like this think still. I didn’t receive a proposal but we celebrated our first anniversary. It is very romantic and lovely.

Maiden’s Tower is near the Uskudar. If you want to go to Maiden’s Tower, you should get on the boat. This boats are at side of Uskudar. Actually everybody know that king has made for he protect his daugther from snake. But it was used for many purpose. I learnt this from article on its wall. They were framed this articles. We liked it very much that is a original idea. Here is what it is used for:

  1. It was used as a grave. It was known; Greek commander of island has made this grave for his wife at B.C. 341.
  2. It was used as castle. It was made for between to control people of Sparta and people of Athens.
  3. It was used as tower that builded as defence tower.
  4. Fatih Sultan Mehmet conquered Istanbul, for it was used to control passing to Marmara Sea.
  5. It was used as customs. Athenian commander used for taking customs money.
  6. It was warehouse. Cyanide was warehoused for to kill mouses.
  7. It was used as radar. Tower was used by the maritime lines to keep cave and radar after 1982.
  8. It was used as hospital when epidemic kolera term by 1830’s.
  9. It was used as lighthouse and still using at that moment.
  10. It was used as fog horn. When Atatürk was ill, fog horn took in Yesilkoy for not bother Ataturk.
  11. It was used for control Bosphour’s traffic.
  12. It was used as reservoir.
  13. It was used as dungeon. Besir Aga was jailed and his head was cut at here in terms of first Mahmut.

How you can go to Maiden’s Tower? You can get on the boat that every ten minute in Uskudar. Price of return ticket is 25 Tl. You can prefer get on boat at Eminonu that every half an hour.

            If you ask for special dinner, you meet beutiful suprize. Waiter of Maiden’s tower are very hospitable.

            There are breakfast, sandwiches, salads, pastas, meat and chickens, alcoholic and not alcoholic drinks in menü. Prices are average.

            You should tour around its and you can take a nice photo. If you can set to light you can having amazing photos.

When you enter you will see corridor after you can go to restaurant. There is a fascinating chandelier here. Restaurant is authentic.

If you have a reservation at near the window, you are very lucky but you can’t see sea. I experienced dissappoinment for this reason. There is steps that left of door. Terrace is second floor. There is a traditional dress at first floor. There is top floor that has a cute cafe. If you want to eat thinks you can eat or drink at here. And cafe has a terrace. You can watch the scenery at here while drinking tea or Tuskish coffee. This is a different experience because this time you will watch to Istanbul from sea. Good luck 😉