Mallorca Island Travel Notes


Everything of Mallorca is beautiful. When you arrive to island, you feel like in heaven. This island is like heaven. The weather, sea, naturel beauties, beaches,.. etc. Mallorca is south of Spain and season of sea go on from May to November.

You can go nearly 2 hours from east of Mallorca to West of Mallorca. When you arrive to Mallorca, if you want to make different things you can rent a car because it has amazing view, beaches, sea and village.. etc. We rented Fiat 500 from “OK agent”. We paid totally 180 Euros to rent car for 5 days. We paid 150 euro rent car and 30 euro for petrol. Don’t leave without seeing the chain of mountain, sea, beaches, villages, cliffs at seaside.

Palma airport is away nearly 20 km to Palma city centre. You can take a bus to city centre or rent a car.


Palma City Travel Notes:

Palma Cathedral: It is huge cathedral. I have never seen large cathedral like it. It is closed the seaside and there is a small lake in front of it. This cathedral show that there is Christianity in here since 5th century. But Araps conquered Island and they permitted to Cristians live in here.

After the earthquake in 1851, cathedral was damaged. Afterwards cathedral was restored by Peyronet and Gaudi. So there are lots of effects of Gaudi in cathedral.

The cathedral has 61 windows and lots of lights, those in the central nave represent the Canticle of Praise that all God’s creatures sign to Him.

The largest and most amazing window that symbolize the Cesus. Its name is Morning Star.

Also amazing figures occur thanks to sun light third times in year (11 November, 2 February, 11 February). The red light that appeared in the middle of the cathedral on October 23 is not understood where it came from and how it came about.


Bellver Castle: You can go Bellver Castle. We didn’t prefer because it was far away from city centre. But afterward we saw it has amazing view, if you have time, you should go there for watching view.


Modern Art Museum: It is outdoor museum and famous house is in here. You can watch overlooking of Palma.

Arab Baths

Born Street: The street where you can go for shopping and eat thing. You can find famous shop. The way with tree in here is like La Rambla Street in Barcelona. Also there are lots of cafe in here and they have lots of amazing cake and cookies.


Other places where you can prefer;

  • Plaza Major
  • Ajuntament
  • Forn Des Teatre
  • Passeig de Sagrera
  • Casa Oleza
  • Consultant De La Mar.


Valdemossa Village

You can find peace in this village that has amazing view. I suggest you to see this village that is established at mountainside of Serra de Tramuntana (mountain range of Mallorca). Also home of famous composer is in here.

Chopin lived nearly 5 months in here because his lover wanted to live in this village. Chopin composed famous Prelude during time of life in here.

The entry ticket price is 8 euro. There is amazing garden in front of his home and it has amazing view. When Chopin produced his composition, you can understand easily where he got inspiration.

There are stone homes in everywhere and there are lots of pendent picture near the door. Those are religious pictures.

I suggest Coco De Patata that sweet is everywhere, you can eat in every café and bakery. but it We liked it, I think it’s better without powdered sugar.


Soller Village

There is big Church in earth Soller. There is big square in front of Church and there are lots of café and restaurant in here.

Port de Soller is better than city centre. There is tramway here and it goes from Port de Soller to city centre, it pass near by the church. We didn’t get on the tramway because we rented car. We went from Port de Soller to city centre by car. I guess, when the tramway go from Port de Soller to Soller, it passes from places with amazing view. Tramvay ticket is 7 euro.

When we arrived the Port de Soller, it was rainy and we entered the first café we found. This café we discover accidentally has delicious foods and desserts. Tiramisu is delicious and tea presentation is very cute and it has nice staffs. Its name is Nou Bon Vi. Tiramisu is 5 euro, tea and coffe is 4 euro in here.

If you go to Port de Soller, you should go Nautilus Restaurant. This restaurant which is on the rocks has amazing view. You should go in sunset. It is away nearly 10 minutes by walk to seaside of Soller. We left car in entrance of village because we thought park problem and we walked. But you can come by car because it has car park.

Pollenca Village

Pollenca village established in foothill. There are lots of stone home and touristic shops. There are hundrets of steps in village and if you climb the steps, you can reach top of village and there is church in here. You can watch magnificent overlooking mountain.

If you want to make shopping, you can find handmade bag and clothes shops in narrow street of village.


Alcudia Village

You can go to Port de Alcudia because there isn’t interesting places in part of city centre. Port de Alcudia has warm sea with low level and you can go far away because sea level is low far a long time. This sea like Oludeniz (Turkey). We liked its beach, it has interesting white and with small sand. Colour and warm of sea are beautiful. Alcudia is more touristic than other villages and there are lots of shops in street.

Can Picafort Beach: This beach which follow-up of Alcudia beach has more rough sea than it. And the sea deeps in Can Picafort Beach. This part is like town which are lots of summer villa. There are lots of restaurant in seaside.

Alcudia and Can Picafort have long beach. If I go to Mallorca again, I would prefer Alcudia for beach.


Deia Village

Our favourite place is Deia. It is more different than other villages. And you should go to top of Deia. If you go to top of Deia, you can see church in here. Overlooking church is beautiful and there is interesting graveyard in front of church.

You should go to narrow street of village and pass narrow gateway. There are lots of beautiful way and you should see street with flowers. When we sightseeing, we saw some home and they have amazing view of terrace. We wished to drink coffee on these terrace and left. I hope when we arrive again this village, we can drink coffee these terrace and we can watch Serra de Tramuntana Mountain.

This village is less touristic than others. When we sightseeing in here, we felt natural Spanish village walk. This emotion is more important for us.



Port de Andratx is place in which is deserved to be seen. There is a way where you can walk in sea side and there are lots of restaurant and café in here. You should go to Andratx in sunset. You should find beautiful place to watch sunset with pleasure before the sunset. I suggest that you should watch state of sea that changing from blue to red.


Portal Vells

Portal Vells is route that has lots of beautiful beaches and you can walk in touch with nature during 2 hours. If you follow route, you can see caves.

Along the route you can watch colour of sea that is from turquois to dark blue also you can see connect line of sky and sea. And along the route you can take photo of magnificent point. If you walk to along route, you can see small beaches. There is a nude beach in here.