Mim Coffee

A good location, a good ambience, there is a terrace that looking to bosphour. It has amazing walls. If you want to feel relax this place is very you. First cafe of Mim Coffee opened in Eminonu. They decided after one year opening a new cafe in Uskudar. I will tell you Mim Coffee in Uskudar.

Its location is known as old bus stop in Horhor bus stop. It is over the Eminevim shop. I didn’t find first come, because it doesn’t have garish, pompous signboard, even it doesn’t have a signboard. I thought this cafe was opening newly although i learnt that this cafe haven’t ever signboard. İt’s spreaded abroad. All of clients came on the recommendation of his friend. Like us.

This cafe is at top three floor of building. Building’s floors are fascination. When you look at the wall, you take a shine, because there are amazing drawing on all of them. You may want to take a photo in all of floor.

You will see a small room at first floor, you can go to the terrace from here. There is a brillant library at first floor that is a wood and small details of library are interesting.

You can go to the small room from second floor and you can go to the terrace from small room. There is a drawing that is a Neset Ertas and his saz.

There is a large terrace at the top floor and there is a Barıs Manco’s drawing at wall of this floor. You can watch bosphour. When you watch bosphour if it is sunset time you are very lucky. You can watch sunset at here.

There are hot drinks, cold drinks, deserts, breakfast, snacks, different dish of meat, salads, pastas in menu. My recommodation is magnolia desert. It has custard, biskuits and strawberrys or bananas. You will like this taste. I think grilled meatballs are very delicious. Prices are reasonable and you can give order without think.

Also there are herbal teas that camomile, hibiskus tea, winter tea, apple tea, kiwi tea,.. etc. If you like to herbal tea you can come to this cafe.

In short you must go to the and you must see at this cafe.