Venezia Travel Notes

The most romantic and amative place is Venezia. I think it was very interesting and very romantic city. A place passing sea from by the its street and smelling history.

            You will see a island and piece of land. When you get out of airplane the first thing to do you should learn how fastest route to the island. We went from train station because we came by train. Trains go to the island from here. There isn’t sightseeing place to pieces of land so you should go to the island. If you want to go to by vaporetto you can go wherever you want. We walked everywhere because we want to sightseeing streets of Venezia and exploring the streets of Venezia. It was tired but it was enjoyable that walking the historical streets.

            First you should go to the Rialto Bridge. There are shops over the bridge. If you want you can shop. If you want to eat, cover charge is added to your bills. We didn’t eat because we weren’t hungry and everything were over priced. You can go on foot to San Marco Square from here.

You can sightseeing San Marco Church. Enterance queue is very long and you can’t enter with t-shirt and shirt so you should take measure. Also it’s not allowed to enter with bag, they want you to must leave your bags depository but you can enter with women bag.

          You can sightseeing St. Mark’s Basilica.  Enterance is very long quenue but it finishes quickly. You can go upstairs by taken the lift. There is amazing view of Venezia from the top floor. You shouldn’t leave city without visiting this place. You can take a beautiful photos and videos. The tower collapsed in 1902 but it opened with amazing celebratin after the restoration.

            There is Dukes Palace that is another one palace at square. There are rumours about this place that is centre of earth. Original purpose of the building was to look the richest and flashiest.

            Next stop can be Bridge of Sighs for you. This bridge was made from white stone. This bridge was use taking prisoners to interrogation room. So prisoners saw the latest this view. This is named as Bridge of Sighs, because here was tha last place where see the World and they sigh.

            You can get on gondole at here. You can prefer get on pier or drop on zone at street. Its price is 80 Euro for half an hour. You can get on with maximum 6 persons. You can prefer to get on with one person or you can form a group with five persons. When we get on gondole, our gondoler told house of Marco Polo. House of Marco Polo is used as theatre nowadays.

            If you want to buy gift there are so many shops. You can buy mask, fans, magnet, t-shirt. You can buy handmade necklace that is made from glass of Bruno Island.

            I want to say, there is very famous pasta shop. Its name is Dal Moros Fresh Pasta To Go. They are handmade. Workers can different languages and they can receive on order. I liked this place but i didn’t like their pastas, because dough of pasta was very thick so i thought it was raw but i liked sausage of pasta.

            I have a advise deal with hotel. We stayed Camping Village Jolly. It wasn’t in island. Hotels of island are over priced.  There are bungalows and tents in Camping Village Jolly. It was enjoyable. It has pool and market. It was 20 minute away to island.